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19 Games Like Capture The Flag (Variations + Similar Games)

I’ve been a teacher for the last 12 years, and I have experimented with a range of variations of Capture the Flag. I enjoy using it as a warmup for PE sessions, and the children also really like doing it during recess.

Of course, it’s also great to play at home, in the park, or in a range of other situations. Research has shown the many benefits that these kinds of outdoor games can have for kids. (Source)

In this article, I’ll describe the very best variations of capture the flag that I’ve tried.

I’ll also describe lots of games that are similar to capture the flag as well.

Let’s start with the classic game rules of Capture the Flag first, and then lots of variations of the standard version:

children running with flag during capture the flag

Variations Of Capture The Flag

1. Capture The Flag Original

Just so you one hundred percent know what Capture The Flag is to start with, here is the version that I have always played (both when I was young, and also how I teach it to children).

You have two opposing teams, and each of these has some kind of flag.

For the flag, you can use something like a piece of material or rag, or a traditional flag. Whatever is good for you.

Have two territories marked out on the ground – usually two big squares or circles facing each other.

You can mark out the territories with cones, or coats, or chalk on the ground, or whatever else you have to hand.

Now each team places their ‘flag’ at any point inside their zone. After this, they are no longer allowed to touch it themselves.

Then the game starts. The basic idea is that each team has to somehow get the opposing team’s flag, hence “capture the flag,” without being tagged and bring it back to their zone.

You can tag other players when they enter your zone or own territory. You can’t tag them when they are outside the zone.

Most good teams work around a mixture of defense and attack. About half the team will be ‘attacking’, and trying to capture the flag of the opposing team.

At the same time, roughly half of their team will be defending their team’s territory and own flag and trying to tag other team members.

There, in a nutshell, is capture the flag!

2. Oldies V Youngies/ Moms V Kids

One variation of the capture the flag game is how to split the players up into teams.

I normally try to select equal (ish) teams myself. But there are definitely different ways to do this.

Sometimes to make it a bit more competitive, you can segregate the teams into opposing segments.

For example, if you were playing it in the park, you could have parents versus kids.

In school, it could be boys versus girls.

Or you could try oldies versus youngies.

You could also try supporters of a particular sports team or people who like a particular thing versus those who don’t.

Sometimes this gives this variation of capture the flag game an added element of motivation for many playing it.

3. Capture the Flag Jail

Another way to really jazz it up is to add the concept of a ‘jail’.

This version of capture the flag seems to be quite a common way of doing it.

Basically, mark out some kind of portion of the playing area to be the ‘jail’. You could mark it out with cones, or coats, or whatever else.

When anyone gets tagged, they are now stuck inside the jail until a flag is captured.

4. Jail Release

This is just a simple but fun game whereby you can release anyone trapped in jail from your team by simply tagging them.

Then they are free to continue the game again.

5. Different Forfeits

One way I’ve heard the game can be extended is by having a different forfeit whenever you get tagged.

This capture the flag game variation is especially good if you are using the game as a PE warm-up, or as a starter for a sports club.

Whenever someone gets tagged this time, they must do an agreed forfeit. It could be:

  1. Do five star jumps
  2. Do ten push-ups
  3. Run around the area

When they’ve done their forfeit, they go back to their zone and can begin the game again. A great workout to try!

6. 3 Or More Capture the Flag Teams

The classical way of playing Capture the Flag is to have two teams.

However, if you have 3, 4, or even more teams, then it really changes the tactics and the dynamics of what might happen.

Any team can capture any other flag.

Some possibilities in this kind of game are some of the following:

-Two teams work together to steal flags from another team

-You can use all kinds of ‘decoy’ attacks on other teams

There is just generally a lot more going on, and a wider range of tactics to draw on.

You can play the version where the champions are the first team to get a flag back to their team’s territory.

Or you can just carry on until all teams have secured a flag.

7. Theme – Capture The Item

Instead of capture the flag, capture that most wanted thing. Especially if you are playing the game with young children, having some kind of a theme can really help.

For example, they might all be pirates, and you are trying to capture the treasure.

Or you could pretend that everyone are monkeys and they are trying to steal a banana.

Or they are witches trying to secure a wand.

Be as imaginative as you like! It really helps (as with anything) to tap into their interests.

If you have some children that are really into a particular topic then target that. That will only boost engagement and motivation positively.

8. Unusual Terrain

I’ve always played this game on a field, in a school hall, in a yard, or in any playing area. In short, in quite featureless environments, that don’t have much variation in terms of terrain.

However, this capture the flag game is definitely taken up a notch if you have a really interesting terrain to play it in.

For example, if you play in a place that has a range of rocks, trees, and undergrowth, it just adds so much to the experience.

Players can sneak up on others.

They can ambush the other team!

They can hide under bushes, and spring out at a key moment!

So, if you are able to play this game in a forest, or on a hillside or any other place like that, then so much the better!

9. Introduce Obstacles

If you have a flat terrain (as admittedly I’ve only ever had when I’ve played it), one way to jazz this up is to add a few obstacles.

You could place random cones or hoops perhaps, marking off out-of-bounds areas.

10. Hide The Flag

One thing to consider is whether or not to hide the flag.

I’ve always played the version where the flag is out in full view.

But if you play in an area with long grass or lots of rocks and boulders, you could definitely play the version where the flag is hidden.

This version of capture the flag will usually make it a lengthier game. The first target is locating the flag, and the second target is then working out a plan to get to it.

Young girl playing capture the flag

11. Move Flag Mid Game

Another capture the flag rule that you could try is that the flag can be moved around by the team mid-game.

So if they’ve hidden it behind a rock, and the opposing team has suddenly spotted it, it’s time to whip it off and try to hide it somewhere else without the opponents seeing where.

It is important to agree on this rule before you start.

I normally do the version where you can’t move the flag, but if you agree to move it mid-game then just make sure everyone is aware.

Lots of children get very annoyed at this type of cheating!

12. Use A Ball

One great way to really elevate the game into a team ball game is to use a ball for the flag.

I did this with a rule that also said you couldn’t hold the ball for more than 3 seconds, and you couldn’t run with it.

So, basically, if you capture the opponent’s ball, then you have to pass your way back to your zone, with all members of your team helping to throw and catch it between you.

If the other team intercepts a pass, then they are allowed to take the ball back to their zone, and the game starts again.

To find out a range of really simple ball games for young children, then check out this article.

Games Similar To Capture The Flag

Now for a few games that are very similar to Capture the Flag. I have picked all of the following games because they share key skills that feature in Capture the Flat.

They all contain at least one of the following (and sometimes more than one):

  • An element of tagging others
  • A strong element of teamwork
  • Games where there are marked out zones or territories

13. Cats And Dogs Tag

This is a great PE game or playground activity.

Mark out a large playing area.

The children split up into two. One team are going to be the cats, and the others the dogs.

I like to get one team to wear something to signify who they are.

For example, the ‘cats’ could all wear a band.

To start with, specify who is going to be chasing who. So, it might be to start with that the dogs will chase the cats.

Off you go!

The dogs chase the cats, and if they catch one then they ‘tag’ them on the back.

They have to freeze on the spot when they are tagged.

Keep going for about thirty seconds, until you call out ‘Cats chase the dogs!’

Everyone is now free again, and the roles are reversed.

The cats chase the dogs, and repeat the process.

The children usually find this cats chasing dogs idea to be hysterical. Keep going, switching over roles every now and then.

This brilliant tag game is just one of my all-time favorite 22 tag games that you can find here.

14. Tag Team Builder

This is a fun tag game, that also has an element of teamwork in it as well.

One child starts as the person that is ‘it’. They are going to try to tag the others.

Whenever someone gets tagged, they now join the tagging team.

Keep going like that, building up the tagging team, until either no one is left, or until you have a champion.

15. Snails V Slugs

This is similar to the cats and dogs tag before, but involves more unusual ways of moving.

There will be two teams in this – one will be snails, and the other slugs.

The snails can move by crawling.

The slugs must move by slithering on their bellies.

Start off with one animal chasing the other – e.g. slugs chase the snails.

Swap over who are the chasers every minute or so!

16. Jail Tag

This one is really similar to Capture the Flag, in that it has a jail in it, tagging, and also teamwork.

It’s a nice simple idea, that’s based around the idea of ‘cops and robbers’.

Basically, the children that are tagging are the ‘cops’, and those running away are the ‘robbers’.

Have some kind of marked zone that is the ‘jail.’

Start with either just one cop, or several. They chase the robbers, and when they tag them, the robbers go and stand in the jail.

You can play two versions – in one version you are in jail until the end of the game, and the last remaining robber is the champion.

Or you can play the version where the robbers can free those in the jail, by going over and tagging them to freedom.

You decide!

17. Blocko

I would say that this is the tag game that I played the most when I was young.

It’s a mixture of hide and seek and tag this one – and what child doesn’t love a combo of those!

Designate one area to be the ‘blocko’. This could be a bin, a tree, a part of the fence or wall.

One player is going to count next to this area. Everyone else will go off and hide.

When the seeker has finished counting, they go off to look for the other players.

The players that are hiding are going to try to sneak back to the ‘blocko’ spot. If they touch the ‘blocko’ then they are safe.

The player that is seeking is going to try to tag them before they can touch it.

It is a game of hide and seek, and chase mixed in together.

This fantastic variation of hide and seek is just one of 15 games I wrote about in this post that are really similar to hide and seek.

18. Hide and Seek Team Up

This is a variation of hide and seek, that shares similar teamwork skills with Capture the Flag.

Play hide and seek as you would normally to start with. But the main difference is that whenever the seeker finds someone, that player joins the seeker’s team.

They go off together now, and search for the remaining players.

Keep going like that, with the seeking team getting bigger and bigger as they search for the other players.

The last player to be found could be the champion.

19. Hide and Seek Jail

This game has teamwork, hiding, and a jail (so pretty similar to Capture the Flag I’d say.)

The idea is that one child is going to close their eyes and count. Everyone else is going to go and hide.

Have a ‘jail’. This could be a tree, a fence, or whatever else.

The seeker goes off to find everyone, and when they find someone and tag them, that person has to go to ‘jail’.

If the seeker can get everyone in jail then they have won.

However, the hiders can sneak to the jail and free those in there by tagging them.

As long as they don’t get tagged by the seeker, they can then go off again and hide.

20. Kick The Can

For this game you need some kind of empty can. You could also use a musical instrument like a tambourine.

You have a ‘jail’ area. The can is placed in the jail.

One player is going to stand next to the can, close their eyes, and count.

The others go off to hide.

The idea is that the seeker goes off to find everyone. If they find them, they tag them, and that person is now in jail.

However, another of the hiders can free everyone in jail, by running over and kicking the can. Then everyone is free to run off and hide again.

This is a brilliant camp game – to find out lots more camp games for small groups, then check this article out.

21. Shark Attack!

You need some wide circles or squares on the floor to play this game. Use hoops, or cones, or chalk the shapes on the floor.

These shapes are the undersea caves! They are a safe spot where you can hide.

One person is ‘on’ in this game. They are the shark.

They are going to stand in the middle of the playing space with their eyes closed.

Everyone else is going to move around the playing space.

At any given moment, the ‘shark’ is going to call out ‘shark!’ and spring to life!

They open their eyes and chase whoever is close to them. If they tag someone before they get back to a safe ‘cave’ then that person becomes the shark.

You can only have one person in each of the caves – no more!

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