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Esther Evans

Esther Evans has worked in early education for over twenty-five years. She has worked as a Foundation Phase Leader, an Education Advisor, and an Early Education manager. She currently works for a Welsh local authority as the Early Years Additional Learning Needs Lead Officer.

 11 Fantastic Forest School Games

It’s been well-documented that modern life can be quite toxic for our children. Sue Palmer wrote brilliantly about this prior to the pandemic and the last few years have escalated many of the barriers to learning that she raised in her book, Toxic Childhood.  An increase in screen time, poor diet and sleep patterns, and …

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8 Outstanding Outdoor Games for Preschoolers

There is no doubt about it… Preschoolers love to be outdoors. Fresh air, natural light, and the feel of the wind on their little faces, the sound of birdsong in summer or the crackle of colorful leaves and the snap of twigs in winter. There’s a sensory feast out there for free that we can …

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10 Physical Literacy Examples for You to Try

What is Physical Literacy? Physical Literacy is more than just Physical Education or sport. Physical literacy is all about building strong foundations for children so that they become physically active in a wide range of activities as they grow. If you are physically literate, it means you are competent in movement and sports skills, such …

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Child Writing Numbers Backwards? – This is Why

Is your child writing numbers backwards? Every child will reverse at least a few numbers when they are going through the process of learning to write. It’s a natural part of the learning process and is usually nothing to worry about. Typically, children who are at the early stage of learning to form their numbers …

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10 Brilliant Bucket Filler Activities

Why use bucket filler activities? Bucket filler activities are brilliant for children’s social and emotional development, especially in today’s world, where we are still recovering from a pandemic, followed by an overload of depressing news stories! It can sometimes feel like we are bombarded with bad news, most of which is completely out of our …

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