I’m Martin Williams, the founder of Early Impact.

I’ve worked in the early years for about ten years, both in Preschool and Reception in the UK. I have worked in schools in Cheshire, Liverpool and the my home town of Wallasey in the Wirral.

I’ve tried out literally thousands of activities and strategies in this ten year period, and this blog is a way of sharing all those ideas that have actually worked. Of course many of them have not worked, and that is just the way the early years is! It is a continual testing of different ideas and finding out which has the biggest impact.

I have worked with many fabulous other practitioners, and I have borrowed a huge amount from them.

Most of all I think the early years should be fun, and if you are enjoying it then the children usually will be as well. Sometimes things will also go spectacularly wrong, but if you can be patient, positive and just keep going then everything will always be OK.

Please have a go of some of these ideas, and if you like them feel free to write a comment and share!

Good luck!