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101 More Games To Play

This is exactly what I have been looking for! So many great activities for staying socially distant but still engaging with friends. I have recommended it to all my teacher friends who are going to be teaching in person this Fall.
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This book is the sequel to the bestselling book ‘101 Games To Play Whilst Socially Distancing’. Drawing on ten years of experience in teaching children aged 3 to 5, the author has created the ultimate guidebook of 101 games to play that keep children apart, but learning, healthy and happy. This book dives deep into the passions that motivate children, and uses them as the creative spark behind many of the activities. There are games involving superheroes, Frozen, transformers, vehicles, jungle animals, and many more classic passions. 101 More Games To Play Whilst Socially Distancing is the ultimate practical handbook for teachers at this time. It dives straight into the practical content, and describes succinctly a treasure trove of socially distanced games that will keep children happy, healthy and learning academically all at the same time.

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