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Wellbeing & Mindfulness Accelerator

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Wellbeing & Mindfulness Course!

Worry and anxiety are among the most common roadblocks to learning, this course will help you overcome and thrive!

Ideal for all EYFS and Key Stage 1 Staff

Perfect for private nurseries, schools, and childminders

Optimised for speed – get from A to B in the shortest timeframe

Create an outstanding mindfulness culture

The ultimate roadmap on the exact steps to take and when

Ideal for staff training, INSETs, twilights, and staff meetings

Mindfulness Hugely Accelerates Learning 

Teachers and educators are amazed when they see the impact mindfulness can have on learning. We give you the full toolkit to accelerate mental health, happiness, and learning

Deal With Staff Stress

Research suggests these are the most stressful times there has ever been to work in education.  We give you a full system and strategies to manage workload and wellbeing. Happier staff results in far better results.

Maximize Your Limited Time

We provide a systematic framework that gets you from A to B in the shortest possible time. The emphasis is on quick wins, and resources and activities you can set up with the minimum of fuss.

Ideal For Single Users Or For Whole Teams

Wellbeing and mental health can have huge impacts in just one classroom, or across a whole setting. This course is equally successful whether used by individuals or teams.

A Plan For Success Whatever Your Starting Point

Whether you’re just starting out on your mindfulness journey, or you’re partly on the road already, we provide the ultimate guidance to find success.

A Dedicated Community That Has Your Back

Join our customer’s only facebook group, so you can post questions and be inspired by others 24 hours a day.  We’re there for you every step of the way along your journey. We want you to receive as much support as possible along the way.


2 hours of targeted videos demonstrating the strategies

Join our CUSTOMERS ONLY facebook group

The complete step-by-step guide to success

Join a dedicated online community of others that are engaged on the same journey


MODULE 1 – Laying the Foundations: What mindfulness is; What Wellbeing is; Definitions; Research; Statistics; The impact of mindfulness and wellbeing

MODULE 2 – Creating Mindful Environments: Inspiration to create an outstanding space for mindfulness to flourish; Complete your environment audit; Create an environment action plan 

MODULE 3 – Mindfulness And Wellbeing Activities: Breathing games; Visualisation games; Literacy games; Nature activities; Mindful arts and crafts; Reflection; Affirmations; Yoga; Massage 

MODULE 4 – Engage The Parents/Carers: Our 5 step plan for success in getting parents onboard; Resources for parent meetings; Template for newsletter

MODULE 5 – Staff Wellbeing: Inner Stress Bucket; 10 top tips for staff wellbeing


Martin Williams

Early years teacher of ten years, author of 5 best-selling books, trainer,  founder of Early Impact

Kelly Sheils

 22 years in early years, Quality Assurance Manager at nursery chain, Relax Kids Coach, author, trainer, consultant

Martin and Kelly have used mindfulness in education for a combined total of over 30 years between them. 

They are co-authors of the book ‘101 Mindfulness Games For Happy Minds’. (See it on Amazon here)

They have condensed everything they know into this step-by-step roadmap to success.


Early Years Teachers (Reception, Preschool, Kindergarten, Pre-K)

Key Stage 1 Teachers (Kindergarten for non-UK)

Preschool Practitioners, Deputy Managers, Managers

Teaching Assistants And Support Staff (For Children Aged 3-7)

Childminders Of Children Aged 3-7

Headteachers, Deputy Headteachers, Senior Leaders


5 MODULES – Designed and developed for maximum impact in the shortest time-frame

TEMPLATES – We’ve put together a full package of audits, plans and a newsletter, so you don’t have to

24 HOUR COMMUNITY – A dedicated private facebook group, with others on the same journey

Single Access For 1 Person

£97 (Plus VAT) 

Pay at checkout (instant access) or request an invoice (access within a few hours)
To pay by invoice, select “Invoice Payment” at checkout.

Bulk Orders For Teams

£297 (Plus VAT)

Up to 10 staff can access course for up to 1 year

Request an invoice (access within a few hours)

To pay by invoice, select “Invoice Payment” at checkout.

Having Technical Problems?

Just email us on . Let us know what you want to book, and we can get you all set up.


Do you have to pay at checkout?

If you are from an educational setting, then you can request an invoice that will be sent to you. You will receive a code as soon as the invoice is set up, and you will then be able to access the course. This will usually happen in a few hours. Ideally we would like to receive payment within 30 days (but you can access the course before this as soon as the invoice is set up)

Can I access the course straight away?

Content Toggle Block for Gutenberg makes it super easy to create toggle-able content. This toggle block comes with well-thought customization options.

Can parents request an invoice?

Unfortunately no. We require payment for access to the course. We can only send invoices out to educational businesses and schools.

I live outside of the UK. Is this course relevant to me?

Yes, these strategies will work anywhere and are not based on national policies or documents.

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