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10 Ways To Learn Counting By Twos

As an expert in teaching young children for over 10 years, I know how important it is for them to develop strong counting skills.

One of the fundamental counting skills for children to learn is counting by twos. This skill not only helps them with basic math but also lays the foundation for more complex mathematical concepts.

In this article, I will be sharing ten fun and effective ways to help kids learn to count by twos.

These methods have been tried and tested, and I can guarantee that they will make the learning process engaging and enjoyable for your child.

Outlined below are the 10 actionable steps you can take to help your child learn to skip counting by twos in no time:

  1. Use Flashcards

  2. Count with Food

  3. Number Lines

  4. Songs and Rhymes

  5. Count with Manipulatives

  6. Use Technology

  7. Play Counting Games

  8. Read Counting Books

  9. Count in Real Life Situations/During Everyday Activities

  10. Create a Counting By Twos Chart

These 10 steps are explained in more detail below.

Use Flashcards

Flashcards are a great tool for learning to count by twos.

In my over a decade of teaching children, I’ve found that flashcards provide a visual aid that can greatly enhance learning.

You can create your own flashcards using index cards or even cut-out paper squares. On one side of the card, write a number, and on the other side, write the number that comes two after it.

For example, on one side write “2,” and on the other side, write “4.” Repeat this process for each pair of numbers up to 20. Then, shuffle the cards and have your child match the pairs.

You can also use the cards to play a memory game or create a scavenger hunt where your child has to find and match the pairs. With regular use of flashcards, your child will be able to count by twos in no time!

teacher with a flashcard

Count with Food

Counting with food is a fun and interactive way to help children learn to count by twos. This activity allows kids to use their sense of touch, taste, and sight to engage with the material, making learning a more multisensory experience.

You can use a variety of food items such as grapes, crackers, or pretzels to help your child practice counting.

To get started, you can ask your child to count pairs of grapes or pretzels. You can also ask them to group crackers into pairs, or to create patterns using the food items.

This activity not only reinforces the concept of counting by twos, but also teaches children about portion control and healthy eating habits.

Also, counting with food can be a great opportunity for children to practice their fine motor skills. For example, they can work on their hand-eye coordination by using tweezers to pick up and count small items like raisins or chocolate chips.

As an added bonus, counting with food can double as a snack time, making it even more enjoyable for kids.

This way, they get to enjoy a tasty treat while learning at the same time.

Overall, counting with food is a fun and engaging way to teach children about math, healthy eating habits, and fine motor skills.

Number Lines

One effective way to teach children skip counting is through the use of number lines.

A number line is a visual representation of numbers, usually in a horizontal line, where each number is separated by a set distance.

Number lines are great for visual learners and allow children to see how each number relates to one another.

To use a number line, start by writing out the numbers from 1 to 20 on a sheet of paper. Then, go through each number and circle every other number (2, 4, 6, 8, etc.) until you reach 20.

Finally, have your child or students count the numbers out loud by twos while pointing to each circled number on the number line. Repeat this process, this time allowing the child to circle the numbers.

Songs and Rhymes

Children love songs and rhymes, so using them to teach counting by twos is a great way to make learning fun.

There are many counting-by-twos songs and rhymes that you can access online or make up your own song. For example, you can use the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and sing:

“Two, four, six, eight,

Counting by twos is really great!

Ten, twelve, fourteen, sixteen,

Counting by twos is really keen!”

Other popular nursery rhymes and children’s songs include “Two Little Blackbirds,” “Two Little Dicky Birds,” “Ten Little Fingers” and “One, Two Buckle My Shoe.”

These songs and rhymes feature catchy and fun tunes and can help with skip counting mastery in an enjoyable way.

Encourage children to sing along, and reinforce the counting concept by having them clap or tap their feet to the beat.

You can also use hand motions or actions to help your child remember the numbers.

kids with their hands up in the air

Count with Manipulatives

This is a great way to help kids progress in counting by twos.

Manipulatives are physical objects that children can manipulate, such as counting cubes, buttons, or other small objects.

When using manipulatives to learn counting by twos, there are many fun and engaging activities that you can do with children.

One great activity is to grab a handful of small objects like beads, buttons, or even colorful cereal pieces.

Start by counting out two objects at a time and placing them in a row. Encourage your child or students to count along with you and repeat “two, four, six, eight” and so on.

Once they get the hang of counting by twos, mix up the objects and ask them to count by twos again, this time without placing them in a row.

As they become more confident, challenge them to count by twos using different manipulatives, like blocks or toy cars.

You can even turn it into a game by placing the manipulatives into a jar or bowl and having your child reach in and grab two at a time to count by twos.

Keep the activity engaging by adding colorful and visually appealing manipulatives, and by using silly voices or sound effects to make counting by twos even more fun.

kids playing with the teacher

Use Technology

When it comes to teaching counting by twos, technology can be a great tool. Kids are often drawn to digital resources, and there are many fun and engaging apps, games, and videos available to support their learning.

Here are some ideas to get you started:


This website offers a wide range of games and activities for children between 2 and 8 years old, including games that focus on counting by twos. With colorful graphics and fun challenges, children will have a blast while learning.

Khan Academy Kids

This app offers educational activities for children ages 2-7, including games that focus on counting by twos. The app is interactive and personalized, adapting to each child’s learning needs and preferences.


There are countless counting by twos videos available on YouTube. From catchy songs to animated stories, children can access a video that matches their interests and learning style. Watching these videos can be a fun and interactive way to reinforce counting skills.

kid playing with a tablet

Play Counting Games

Counting games are a fantastic way to make learning a blast! There are so many creative and exciting games that you and your child can enjoy together to master counting by twos.

To start, why not try out “Counting Pairs Relay,” where you and your child take turns counting by twos and saying the next number in the sequence? Or “Skip Counting Bubbles,” where you blow bubbles and count them by twos as they float away.

If you’re feeling more active, “Counting By Twos Hopscotch” is the perfect game! Draw a hopscotch board with odd numbers being circled, and your child jumps on each circled number while counting by twos.

You can even create a “Counting Treasure Hunt” where you hide objects around the house and your child has to find them while counting by twos.

Remember, the possibilities are endless when it comes to counting games! Get creative and have fun while helping your child master counting by twos.

mom and daughter playing hopscotch

Read Counting Books

Books are an excellent tool to make learning enjoyable and exciting. You can find numerous counting books for children, and some of these books are created specifically for counting by twos. Some examples include “The Skip Count Kid,” “Two by Two,” and “A Pair of Socks.”

Reading these books can help your child grasp the concept of counting by twos effortlessly. You can turn reading into a fun activity by making it a storytime session, where you sit with your child and read aloud together.

You can use puppets or visual aids to make the story come alive and enhance your child’s imagination.

As you read the story, encourage your child to count along with you, and ask them questions to check their understanding.

With every page, your child will not only learn but also develop a love for reading and learning.

teacher reading to kids

Count in Real Life Situations/During Everyday Activities

Counting in real-life situations and during everyday activities provides numerous opportunities for children to practice and master counting by twos.

Encourage your child to count objects in pairs in real-life situations, such as shoes, socks, or gloves. You can also ask them to count the number of items you pick from the shelf into your shopping cart while at a grocery store shopping.

Incorporate counting into every day activities by making it a fun and natural part of your daily routines.

Ask your child to count how many steps it takes to get from one room to another or count the number of cars that pass by during a car ride.

Additionally, you can challenge your child to count the number of toys they have in pairs or count the number of snacks they have in their lunchbox by twos.

By making counting a part of everyday life, you can help your child develop their counting skills while also having fun together.

mom, dad and young daughter grocery shopping

Create a Counting By Twos Chart

Creating a chart with numbers in increments of two can be a great visual aid for children to help them learn to count by twos. You can create the chart on a piece of paper or a whiteboard, and use stickers or drawings to make it more engaging.

Start with the number 2 and write it at the top of the chart, and then continue to write the numbers in increments of two, with each number being written below the previous one. Encourage your child to recite the numbers as they are written on the chart.

Once the chart is complete, you can use it as a reference tool for your child to practice counting by twos. You can also create different variations of the chart, such as a color-coded chart, to make it more fun and interactive for your child. You may also use counting worksheets as an alternative if you want something simpler.

In conclusion, counting by twos is an important skill that children should learn to develop a strong foundation in math.

By using a variety of techniques and resources, parents and teachers can help children to learn counting by twos in a fun and engaging way.

Whether you are using visual aids, songs, games, or books, the key is to make learning fun and to practice regularly.

By using the ten methods discussed above, you can make learning how to count by twos fun and engaging for yourself or your students.

Just be patient and practice consistently, and soon your child will be able to count by twos with ease and confidence. So, start exploring these methods and find the ones that work best for you!

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