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101 Circle Time Games…That Actually Work!

I have had some real failures trying to create circle time games (I share a story in the introduction of this book)... it was a disaster! However, in a long career of teaching children mainly between the ages of 3 to 5, I’ve also had the good fortune to come across a few hidden gems.  This book goes through the circle time games…that actually work! They are road tested, tried out with multiple children, and every time bring out some levels of excitement, interest, understanding, and that golden word… learning! As I said, I have mainly tried them with 3-5 year olds, but I think pretty much the whole lot could be tried on older children as well. I’ve tried to split them up into curriculum areas in this book, but there are many things that they all teach…cooperation, team-work, and interaction with fellow humans. All I can say is I’ve tried to keep everything as simple as possible. This is simple book of simple games, that can be explained and carried out simply! Any hint of complexity, any trace of giant cardboard ears, has been eradicated! Good luck with these circle time games…that actually work!

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