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14 Brilliant Dice Games With 6 Dice

There are many epic games you can play with just 6 dice per player.

In this guide, I’ll show you the best dice games using 6 dice that involve:

  • Players of all ages
  • Anything from two-player games to games with 10 players plus
  • Simple and more complex games
  • Games of speed, memory, and strategy

Pretty much all these games require no other resources than the sets of dice. So they’re simple, fun, and budget-friendly.

Let’s dive into the ultimate 14 dice games with 6 dice…

games for 6 dice

1. 1 to 6

Resources – Sets of 6 dice per player

Number of players – 2 to 10+

This dice game is one of speed! The idea is quite simple: keep throwing your dice until you create a run of 1 to 6.

To start, someone says, ‘Go!’ Then roll your six dice on the table at the same time.

From then on it’s a game of speed, and you can roll as fast as you want.

The idea is to leave some dice you have rolled with their numbers facing up, and just roll some of the others again.

So, if you rolled 1, 1, 1, 4, 4, 6, then you might keep the 1, 4, and 6 where they are, and just try rolling the other three dice. You are looking to fill the gaps in the sequence.

Keep rolling until you have 1 to 6. The first person to get this run is the winner.

2. Dice War

Resources – Sets of 6 dice per player, and a timer

Number of players – 2 to 6

This is a great dice game that can be played with many different quantities of dice per player, but 6 seems to work quite well.

Every player sits with 6 dice. Agree on a time limit before you start playing. Something like 5 minutes works well and set the timer.

All the players then roll 1 dice.

Whoever gets the highest score in that round wins all the dice. They pick them up and add them to their pile. Then you all roll again.

If two or more players roll the highest number, that round is a draw. You have to have just one number as the highest to win the round.

The aim of the game is to have the most dice when the timer goes off. That person is the champion.

Note – You can also play the version of this game where you just play until one player has all the dice. This can take a very long time though.

3. Six Of A Kind!

Resources – Sets of 6 dice for each player

Number of Players – 2 to 10+

This is another game of speed. Every player is going to start by rolling their six dice.

They are going to pick a number to be their ‘target’ number. This is usually the number that they have rolled the most.

So, if they roll two 4s, then 4 becomes their target number. They will remove the two dice that show 4, and place them on one side.

Then someone will say, ‘Go!’ From here, it is a race.

Everyone is going to roll their other dice, again and again, each time aiming to roll the target number. Any time they roll that number, they will remove that dice and place it on one side.

The winner is the first person to have removed all their dice by rolling the target number. They shout, ‘Six of a Kind!’ when they finish.

Six of a kind, game for 6 dice
Six of a kind is a game of speed and intensity

4. Doubles!

Resources – Sets of 6 dice

Number of Players – 2 to 10+

This is another dice game that is a race, and it can be over pretty quickly sometimes.

Each player starts with six dice. One person says, ‘Go!’

From then on, it is a race! Each player is going to roll their six dice. If they get two numbers that are the same, these are classed as ‘doubles’, and you remove them from your set of dice. Then keep rolling the other four until you get another set of doubles.

Finish by getting the third set of doubles.

The winner is the first person to have rolled three sets of doubles.

5. Three of a Kind

Resources – Sets of 6 dice

Number of Players – 2 to 10+

This is a bit like ‘6 of a Kind’ but split into two. It is another game of speed.

To begin with, each player rolls their six dice. They then select two numbers that will be their ‘target’ numbers. For example, they might be 4 and 6.

Leave the dice showing 4 or 6 (in this example), and start rolling just the others. The aim is to get 3 dice showing one number, and 3 showing the other.

So, in this example, you’d end up with three dice showing 4 and three dice showing 6.

Keep rolling the dice that are not showing your target numbers until in the end, you’ll have two lots of three of a kind.

The first person to reach this stage is the champion!

6. Higher Or Lower

Resources – 6 dice each

Number of players – 2

This is a rare 2 player dice game on this list. Each player sits with six dice, to begin with.

Choose one player to go first. They roll just one dice. The other player must then call ‘higher’ or ‘lower’. Then they roll one dice themselves.

If their dice show a number that corresponds with what they have said, then they win both dice.

For example, if the first player rolls a 2, and the second player says ‘higher’, then the second player will win if a 3, 4, 5, or 6 is thrown.

Whoever wins the dice, will then roll first in the next round. Keep going until one player has all of the dice, or until an agreed time limit (such as 5 minutes) has been reached.

7. Farkle

Resources – 6 dice each, a scorecard

Number of players – 2 to 10

This is probably the most complex game on this list.

The idea is that each player starts with 6 dice. They roll all six to start with. They can then leave any dice they have rolled, or they can roll any of the six again, and once again after that.

The idea is to win as many points as possible for this go.

Points are awarded for the following:

5 – 50

1 – 100

3 of a kind – (number) x100. So three 3s would be 300 (3 x 100)

Exception – Three 1s are worth 300

4 of a kind – 1000

5 of a kind – 2000

6 of a kind – 3000

1 to 6 straight – 1500

3 pairs – 1500

4 of a kind plus pair – 1500

2 triplets – 2500

This is a challenging dice game that probably requires a visual demo to get your head around, so here is a good video that walks you through exactly how to play Farkle:

8.1 to 6 Towers

Resources – 2 sets of 6 dice each

Number of players – 2

This is the only dice game on this list where the players work together as a team.

Both players start with 6 dice. The aim is to create 2 towers of dice, each with the numbers 1 to 6 in order, starting with 1 on the table.

To begin, both players roll their six dice. If you have two 1s, then use these to start off the two towers. If you have rolled any 2s as well, then add them to the mix.

Wherever you are up to, pick up the dice not being used in a tower and roll them again.

Keep on adding dice to the towers, until in the end, you will have two towers, each in order from 1 to 6, with 6 showing upwards at the top.

9. 50 Up

Resources – 6 dice per player, a piece of paper, and a pen to keep score

Number of players – 2 to 6

This is a point-scoring dice game, where the target is to get to 50 first.

Each player has 6 dice. To begin, they all roll at the same time.

The idea of the game is to get runs of consecutive numbers. So you might get a run of 1, 2, 3, 4 for example.

The players put their rolled dice in order of runs. Whoever has the longest run for that round is the champion.

The winner of the round gets a number of points based on how many numbers they have in their run.

If you have a run of 3 numbers (e.g. 2, 3, 4) then you get 3 points. If you have 5 numbers (e.g. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) then you score 5 points. Only the winner gets points in each round.

The game is a race to see who can get to 50 first.

10. Lowest Out

Resources – 6 dice

Number of players – 4-6

This is a quick dice game where players are rapidly knocked out until you have one winner.

Each player starts with 6 dice. They all roll the six dice and count up the total of all the quantities shown on their dice.

Quite simply, the player with the lowest score loses that round and is knocked out.

Then you play the second round and repeat the process.

The winner is the last person standing.

11. Make a 1 to 6 Tower

Resources – 6 dice per player

Number of players – 2 to 10

This is a simple game of speed.

The idea is to create a tower out of your dice, that goes in order from 1 on the table, up to 6 at the top.

Someone says, ‘Go!’ and everyone rolls their six dice. From this point on it’s a race, and speed is of the essence!

The idea is to start your tower with a ‘1’ that you have rolled, then put a ‘2’ on it, and so on.

So, if you rolled, 1, 1, 2, 4, 4, 6, then you could start your tower by removing the 1 and 2, and putting them in a pile.

You would roll the other four dice again, hoping to get a 3, then 4, etc.

The winner is the first person to have all six dice in a tower.

1 to 6 tower game
1 to 6 tower game

12. 2 in a Row!

Resources – 6 dice per player, a timer

Number of players – 4 to 6

This is a dice game played in a circle. One player rolls their first dice to start. Then the person next to them rolls their first.

After you have rolled, just keep your dice in the middle of the table.

Everyone keeps on rolling one at a time until someone rolls the same number that has just gone. That person gets to win all of the dice in the middle.

Then repeat the game again. The winner is the person to have the most dice after an agreed time limit or the person who has all of the dice by the end (you choose which way you’d like to play).

Everyone has 6 dice. Roll one. Then the next person goes. If you

13. Snap!

Resources – 6 dice per player, timer (optional)

Number of players – 2-4

This is very similar to the classic card game of Snap.

Basically, each player starts with 6 dice. One goes first by rolling a dice. Then the next person rolls one.

Keep on going around the circle (or back and forth if you’re in pairs) until two numbers are rolled that are the same. At that point, players must shout ‘snap!’ and try to be the first person to put their hand over the one dice that has just been rolled. The first person to cover that dice is the winner from that round, and they go first in the next round.

The winner is the person who either:

  • Has all the dice at the end
  • Has the most dice at the end of an agreed time limit

14. Memory Roll

Resources – 6 dice per player, 1 small sheet

Number of players – 2- 6

This is a bit like the classic pairs card game. One player has possession of the small sheet.

They roll their six dice, and leave them on display for about 3 seconds, before covering them quickly with the small sheet.

Everyone else has six dice. They are going to try to replicate exactly the numbers that were shown by the first player.

After they have tried to copy the numbers, the first player takes the sheet off. If any player has made a mistake in copying, then they are out.

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