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Alphabet Games for Preschool: Make Learning the ABCs Fun!


Are you prepared for a unique alphabet adventure with your preschool kids?

We are all aware of the role early literacy skills play in influencing our children’s future reading and writing abilities.

But here’s a secret I have discovered in my years of teaching preschool kids: sitting still and staring at a boring worksheet is a big no-no!

Because of this, we’re exploring the world of Alphabet Games For Preschool that will make kids laugh, play, and have so much fun while learning their alphabet letters at the same time! 

We have a variety of fun and engaging preschool alphabet games planned for you, including Active, Cooperative, Creative, Technology-based and Multi-sensory Alphabet Games.

And to top it off, we’ll give you some insider ideas on how to engage and entertain your preschoolers with these learning activities.

Be prepared for smiles, giggles, and the pure joy of learning in action as we go on this amazing trip to learn the magic of ABC games. 

 a child playing with an alphabet toy

Active Alphabet Games

Active Alphabet Games make learning letters and the entire alphabet fun and engaging, as they get your preschool kids to hop, skip, and leap their way to learning ABCs.

Alphabet Hopscotch

Hopscotch Alphabet game is a fantastic twist on the classic game that adds a fun educational element.

Set Up

  • Use masking tape to create a hopscotch pattern on the ground. 

  • Write a different letter of the alphabet in each square instead of numbers. 

  • Have the kids hop from one square to the next while calling the letter sounds aloud as they land on each one.

  • For added fun, they can also try to come up with words that start with each letter.

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

This Alphabet game is not only fun, but also a fantastic way to boost vocabulary and observation skills in preschool kids.

Set Up

  • Create a list of uppercase and lowercase letters from A to Z. You can write them on a sheet of paper or use flashcards for visual appeal. 

  • Give each child a copy of the letter list.

  • Set a designated area and let the kids begin their search for items that begin with the letters. 

  • Celebrate their discoveries and engage in discussions about the different objects they found, their names, and the sounds they make. 

Alphabet Obstacle Course

Preschoolers and young kids will have so much fun with the Alphabet Obstacle Course, which blends their ability to recognize letters with physical challenges to foster coordination, problem-solving, and letter-forming abilities. 

Set Up

  • Designate a play area and assemble secure and age-appropriate equipment, such as cones, hula hoops, pillows, and tunnels.

  • Arrange them in a way that creates a fun and challenging course with stations at several points.

  • Assign different alphabet letters to different stations.

  • Use your imagination when incorporating the letters. For example, use hula hoops to create the letter shape or place letter cards on cones. 

  • Get the kids moving through the obstacle course, stopping at various stations to perform their alphabet activities. 

  • Their goal is to identify the letters and complete the letter activities associated with each station.

  • Create a related physical task for each letter station. For instance: 

    “C” station: Kids have to crawl through a tunnel.

    “J” station: Kids must jump over several pillows.

    “Z” station: Kids have to zigzag through cones.

Cooperative Alphabet Games

elementary students learning the alphabet

Let’s shift gears from individual challenges to cooperative kids activities with Cooperative ABC Games!

In this section, we’ll explore fun ABC games for kids that provide a wonderful opportunity for them to work together, support one another, and learn letters to reinforce their alphabet knowledge in a cooperative setting.

Alphabet Memory Match

This fun alphabet game not only encourages teamwork but also enhances cognitive skills, such as concentration, memory retention, and letter association.

Set Up

  • Gather the letter cards and explain to the kids that they’ll be working together to find matching pairs.

  • Mix up the cards and place them face down in a grid formation. 

  • Kids take turns flipping over two cards, aiming to find matching uppercase letters and lowercase letters. 

  • If they match, they keep the pair and continue.

  • If not, they flip the cards back over, and the next player takes a turn. 

  • The kids can share information about the cards they have seen to help their teammates make successful matches. 

  • Cooperation is key in finding all the matching pairs together.

Alphabet Charades

Pre-K kids are encouraged to think quickly, cooperate as a team, and express themselves through gestures and movement during this fun activity.

Set Up

  • Make a list of age-appropriate words or objects that start with the different letter sounds 

  • One child starts by silently acting out a word that begins with that letter, using gestures and actions only. 

  • The other kids observe and try to guess the word. 

  • Encourage the team members to discuss and guess the word together.

  • Switch roles and let different kids take turns acting out words for subsequent rounds.

Technology-based Alphabet Games

mother and children on laptop

Technology-based alphabet activities help pre-k kids learn their letters and improve their memory and literacy skills in an interactive and fun way. We’ll explore a variety of such digital ABC games for kids.

Alphabet Apps And Educational Software 

When it comes to fun Alphabet Apps and Educational Software, the digital world has a plethora of options that offer an interactive and engaging letter-learning process that kids love.

Here are some fantastic recommendations to explore: 

ABC mouse

A complete educational program that provides a variety of kindergarten alphabet learning activities.

Kids learn letter sounds, phonics, and early reading abilities through fun ABC games, songs, puzzles, and other educational activities. 

This ABC games app provides a structured learning path and adapts to each child’s progress.

Starfall ABCs

An engaging app that teaches kids the alphabet through fun activities, songs, and interactive stories. 

It focuses on letter recognition, letter sounds, and early reading skills.

Endless Alphabet

A toddler-approved app that helps toddlers have fun learning letters and vocabulary through playful and colorful animations.

Kids can drag and drop letters to form words, hear their sounds, and watch funny characters come to life in a fun way.

Teach Your Monster to Read

This app mixes ABC games and education to teach kids the alphabet and other fundamental reading skills.

Children design their own monster avatars and go on thrilling adventures while practicing letter identification, letter sounds, and word formation.

Interactive Alphabet Games Online

Preschoolers can practice letter recognition, sounds, and early literacy skills while playing a variety of interactive games on these family fun websites. 

PBS Kids

PBS Kids is a popular online platform that offers a wide range of educational games, including alphabet-themed activities. 

With interactive and printable games and resources, kids can engage with letters, sounds, and vocabulary in a fun and engaging way. 


ABCya! is an interactive website that offers a collection of educational games for kids of various ages, including preschoolers.

Their ABC games teach kids letter recognition, sounds, and spelling skills.

Children can enjoy visually appealing letter activities that promote learning, such as matching games and interactive puzzles.

Funbrain Jr. 

Funbrain Jr. offers a variety of interactive games and activities designed specifically for preschoolers. 

Through colorful visuals, animated characters, and interactive gameplay, preschoolers can immerse themselves in engaging alphabet adventures.

Creative Alphabet Games

colorful cutouts of alphabet

Preschoolers can further explore the alphabet in a hands-on, imaginative way via art, crafts, and sensory play.

Alphabet Playdough Mats

Alphabet Playdough Mats merge the sensory nature of playdough with letter recognition and learning.

Materials needed:

  • Playdough in various colors

  • Letter templates (printed or drawn on sturdy paper)

  • Rolling pins, plastic knives, and playdough tools

Creating playdough mats:

  • Print or draw letter templates on sturdy paper.

  • Laminate or use clear plastic sheets for durability.

  • Make one mat for each letter.

Playdough activities:

  • Introduce the playdough mats and letter templates to the kids.

  • Show them how to roll and shape the playdough to form the letters on the mats.

  • Discuss the letter’s name, sound, and words that start with it as they play with the playdough.

Alphabet Crafts

Let’s get crafty with alphabet crafts that blend artistic expression and letter recognition, and enable kids to produce beautiful works of art while strengthening their learning.

Letter Collage:

  • Provide kids with magazines, newspapers, and colorful craft paper.

  • Ask them to search for and cut out pictures or words that start with a specific letter.

  • Have them arrange and glue the cutouts to a large piece of paper or cardboard in the shape of the letter.

  • As they create their collages, discuss the letter sounds, associated words, and their chosen images.

Shape Sorting Alphabet Craft:

  • Provide kids with colored craft paper and cut out various shapes, such as circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles.

  • Ask them to choose a letter and decorate it using the cut-out shapes and glue.

  • Encourage them to create patterns or designs with the shapes while reinforcing the letter’s sound and associated words.

Multi-sensory Alphabet Games

By incorporating touch, sight, and even movement, these multi-sensory alphabet kids activities make the ABCs come alive for preschoolers. 

Alphabet Trace

This multi-sensory activity combines the excitement of exploring different textures with the practice of letter formation.

Set Up

  • Select a sensory material such as sand, rice, or shaving cream.

  • Spread the chosen sensory material on a flat surface like a tray or a shallow container.

  • Make sure there’s enough space for kids to trace letters.

  • Show each child a letter from the alphabet and say its name and sound.

  • Provide examples of words that start with the letter to reinforce its association.

  • Encourage each child to use their fingers to trace the letter shape in the sensory material, saying the letter name and sound aloud.

Alphabet Water Play

Get your active kids ready to make a splash with Alphabet Water Play!

This exciting fun game combines the fun of water play with letter recognition and fine motor skills development.

Set Up 

  • Collect floating letters or foam letters specifically designed for water play in various colors and sizes. These can be found at craft stores or educational toy suppliers.

  • Gather water-friendly toys, such as cups, funnels, sieves, or squirt bottles.

  • Fill a shallow basin, sensory table, or kiddie pool with water. Ensure the water level is appropriate for the children’s age and abilities.

  • Place the foam letters, water toys, and floating letters in the water.

  • Encourage kids to immerse themselves in the water play area and discover the foam letters and floating letters.

  • Engage them in various activities such as:

    Fishing for letters: Provide fishing nets or small handheld scoops and challenge kids to catch capital letters or lowercase letters from the water.

    Letter identification: Ask kids to find specific foam letters or floating letters and name them aloud.

How To Make Alphabet Games Fun And Engaging

Here are some great ideas to make sure that these games are entertaining and fun:

Tailor the games to match the children’s preferences and interests.

Throughout the games, observe the kids’ reactions, interests, and energy levels. If a game isn’t engaging the kids, change it up or substitute it with different alphabet activities that will boost their attention and enthusiasm.

Ensure the games involve active participation and interaction.

Offer praise, encouragement, and rewards to motivate children during the games.

To keep the activities interesting and varied, alternate between active games, cooperative games, technology-based games, creative activities, and multi-sensory games. 

Remember, the key to making learning fun and engaging is to make them feel like playtime rather than formal instruction.


Alphabet Games for preschool are not only educational but also an opportunity for endless fun and engagement.

Through these games, children develop gross motor skills, letter recognition and problem-solving abilities, concentration, memory retention, independent learning experiences, creativity, and sensory exploration.

With these engaging and informative alphabet games for preschool, we empower children to become confident learners, creative thinkers, and lifelong language lovers.

Together, let’s unlock the wonders of the alphabet and set our preschoolers on a path to success, one joyful game at a time.

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