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5 Preschool Books About Taking Turns and Sharing


I’m super excited to write this article on “Preschool Books About Taking Turns and Sharing.” The reason is, I love books, and when it comes to teaching essential life skills like taking turns and sharing, they’re absolute gems!

Talking about our young kids too, you know as well as I do how vital it is for them to learn these social skills early on. Taking turns and sharing are the foundations for successful relationships, empathy, and cooperation.

So, In this article, we’ll delve into the nitty-gritty of why these skills are so important for our preschoolers.

We’ll look at some preschool storybooks that teach these skills and how books can be used as effective teaching tools.

With our stories, we’ll be like magicians, capturing their attention and leaving them wanting more.

The fun pictures and relatable characters in each book will have your toddlers hooked, and give you endless opportunities for interactive discussions and fun activities.

I’ve put together a wonderful collection of preschool books that your toddlers will enjoy.

Each one is a treasure that teaches important life lessons.

These stories will leave a lasting impression on your little ones, from developing empathy to recognizing why it is good to share.

I can’t wait to introduce these books to you to help you unleash their potential to become helpful, caring and compassionate little learners!

The Benefits of Teaching Taking Turns and Sharing in Preschool

Teaching preschoolers to share and wait for their turn is like planting seeds of kindness that bloom into beautiful flowers of friendship!

As a preschool teacher, I’ve seen firsthand how sweet and magical this is for little ones.

They learn to put themselves in others’ shoes, understanding their feelings and needs.

Sharing isn’t just about toys; it’s about building awesome friendships!

As they share, preschoolers create positive connections with their new friends, making playtime a blast.

We all know teamwork makes the dream work. Taking turns promotes cooperation and teamwork, teaching each child to work together with others like little superheroes!

Books as Powerful Teaching Resources for Preschoolers

Books are super teaching tools for our preschoolers. They bring wonders to young minds.

Storytelling has a spellbinding power that captivates kids and whisks them away to fairyland, where learning becomes an exciting adventure.

The colorfully illustrated and friendly characters are like magnets for little eyes. They grab kids’ attention, draw them into the story and keep them hooked from start to finish.

The way stories connect with real life is simply mind-blowing. Our little learners identify with the characters’ emotions and experiences, making learning more relatable and meaningful.

Trust me, books are like treasure chests full of wonders that pique their interest and inspire their imaginations.

Preschool Books About Sharing and Taking Turns

1. “Hands Are Not For Hitting” by Martine Agassi

This is a heartwarming board book that teaches children in an easy way the significance of using their hands for positive actions like sharing and playing together.

The story revolves around a group of children who learn valuable lessons about waiting for their turn and cooperating with others.

The book uses relatable scenarios to illustrate the joy of sharing their toys with friends. As the children in the book interact and play together, they discover that it is not only fair to take a turn, but it also improves their playtime experiences.

The board book also teaches kids that hitting is never okay and that using their hands to help, hug, and show kindness is much more rewarding.

In a world where kindness matters, this book serves as a powerful tool in nurturing a generation of little ones who understand the true power of their hands and the magic of taking turns with others.

2. “Llama Llama Time to Share” by Anna Dewdney

This is a charming story with lovely pictures that follows a young boy, Llama Llama as he faces the challenge of sharing toys with his friends during play.

Llama Llama learns that taking turns can make playtime more enjoyable and create positive interactions with his friends.

The book beautifully illustrates how children find it difficult to share, and the struggles they often face when asked to share their favorite toys, but shows them the rewards of cooperating and taking turns.

Through Llama Llama’s experiences, kids understand that it is not only fair to share, but it also brings joy and strengthens friendships.

As parents and teachers, we can use this wonderful book to spark discussions with children of ages 3-6 about the value of sharing and the happiness that comes from being kind and considerate to others.

3. “The Berenstain Bears: The Trouble with Friends” by Stan and Jan Berenstain

This is a beautiful story that follows Brother and Sister Bear as they push through the challenges of friendships.

The Bear siblings learn valuable lessons about resolving conflicts and the importance of sharing with their friends.

As they interact with their friends, Brother and Sister Bear encounter disagreements and misunderstandings.

Through their journey, they discover the rewards of teamwork and the joy that comes when we wait to take our turn.

The book beautifully illustrates the ups and downs of friendship and shows children the value of being kind, considerate, and understanding in their interactions with others.

In a world where friendships are valued, this book instills in children ages 4-7 the value of empathy, compromise, and the delight of sharing with a new friend. It also has a long-lasting impact on their understanding of the beautiful art of forming and cultivating great friendships.

4. “Do Unto Otters: A Book About Manners” by Laurie Keller

This is a humorous book that introduces young readers to essential manners through the lovable Mr. Rabbit and his new neighbors, the Otters.

Mr. Rabbit learns that the key to building positive relationships with his Otter neighbors is to treat them as he would like to be treated, following the Golden Rule, “Do unto otters as you would have them do unto you.”

Children experience Mr. Rabbit’s interactions with the Otters through entertaining scenarios and attractive illustrations, and learn how treating others nicely and patiently waiting to take a turn leads to good friendships.

“Do Unto Otters” serves as a lovely reminder for every child to embrace the joy of giving and to treat others with the same kindness they hope to receive.

Suitable for children between ages 3-7.

5. “Should I Share My Ice Cream?” by Mo Willems

This is a lovely book that follows Gerald the Elephant as he faces a tough decision when he has an entire ice cream cone to himself. He wonders if he should share it with his best friend, Piggie. Gerald is torn between keeping the treat to himself and making his friend happy by giving him a share of his ice cream.

The story shows how children find it difficult to share something special. Through Gerald’s funny and heartwarming journey, children discover the happiness of sharing and how it makes friendships stronger.

As children follow Gerald’s thought process, they see how turn-taking and willingness to share create happiness and stronger bonds with friends. It’s a perfect tool to explain to kids of ages 2-6 that sharing isn’t just about parting with something; it’s about creating special moments with a friend.

Strategies for Using Books to Teach Taking Turns and Sharing

Let’s talk about some super cool strategies for using books to teach taking turns and sharing in such a way that will make learning a delight for our little ones and make their hearts bloom with kindness.

Gather the kids, read those fantastic books aloud, and ask them questions like, “How would you feel if you shared like Llama Llama?”

Do some role-playing. Act out hilarious characters from the books. The kids will love it! They’ll learn the magic of sharing by being part of the story.

Get artsy and crafty. Create cool stuff related to the books. For example, otter masks and golden rule posters.


The magic of books knows no bounds, and with each story we share, we plant the seeds of empathy and love in their young hearts.

Get ready to see those little hearts grow with kindness and joy. Together, we’ll create a world of caring and compassionate kids.

Let’s go!

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