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Early Impact is an award-winning early education training company. We are a team of teaching experts, who have worked as teachers, consultants, course-leaders, authors, and bloggers. We provide high-quality free information through our inspirational blog for all teachers and parents of children aged 0-7. We have also authored best-selling books, and have a range of top-notch online training resources. Come on in and take a look around!

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Our Strategy


Our courses are fast-paced, and highly hands-on. It is an interactive experience, to maximise results. Early years specialists demonstrate ideas that are road-tested.


We provide a systematic framework that gets you from A to B in the shortest possible time. The emphasis is on quick wins, and resources and activities you can set up with the minimum of fuss.


Our courses are an opportunity to start debate, inspire you with imaginative ideas, and set you off on a journey full of motivation and belief.

Recent Posts

  • 9 Hands-On Heuristic Play Ideas
    Why is Heuristic Play Important? When I was a little girl, my grandmother sometimes used to care for me. She didn’t have a great deal of money and she certainly couldn’t afford expensive toys, but what she did have was a very resourceful nature and an innate understanding of what all children need to learn … Read more
  • Blending Sounds: How to Teach Children Blending More Complex Sounds
    After children have mastered blending individual sounds (the alphabet), it is time to extend their knowledge to more complex sounds such as digraphs and trigraphs. Having taught Phonics for many years in different schools, I have discovered amazing strategies to help kids improve their phonics skills as long as they practice blending every day. Young … Read more
  •  11 Fantastic Forest School Games
    It’s been well-documented that modern life can be quite toxic for our children. Sue Palmer wrote brilliantly about this prior to the pandemic and the last few years have escalated many of the barriers to learning that she raised in her book, Toxic Childhood.  An increase in screen time, poor diet and sleep patterns, and … Read more

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