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101 Circle Time Games…That Actually Work!


The inspirational online version of the best-selling book

12 detailed videos with 101 ideas

Receive the ebook, video course, and cheat sheet all together in one bundle

1.5 hour session ideal for inhouse training

Ideal for all teachers and educators working with children aged 2-6

101 games to play within the context of social distancing

The Amazon #1 Bestseller in the Education Category

Practical Content

A huge emphasis on hands-on advice, tips and strategies. What to do in the real world, and how to do it – from an early years expert

1.5 Hours Of Video Footage

Split across 12 high-tempo videos, each with multiple ideas, tips and strategies, ideal for either single or whole staff training

Teach The Whole Curriculum

Utilise outdoors, engage harder to reach children, and teach activities that help children be happy, healthy and learning


During this global pandemic there are many unknowns for teachers. However, one thing is clear – social distancing, at least in some form, is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Attempting social distancing with young children raises many questions: how is it possible? How can we incorporate it into games and activities? How do we help and support children with this lack of human connection?

Created by an early education expert and consultant, this online course provides a simple, and step-by-step description of games covering the entire curriculum that take place within the context of social distancing. Resources have been stripped back, to leave a collection of activities where storytelling, role-play, drama, song, and movement come to the fore.

Wellbeing is at the heart of this course. Children’s mental health has been tested recently in ways never experienced by earlier generations, and wellbeing and happiness are central to all the games.


Early Years Teachers (Reception, Preschool, Kindergarten, Pre-K)

Key Stage 1 Teachers (Kindergarten for non-UK)

Preschool Practitioners, Deputy Managers, Managers

Preschool Practitioners, Twos Practitioners

Support Staff (For Children Aged 2-6)

Childminders Of Children Aged 2-6

Headteachers, Deputy Headteachers, Senior Leaders


• A wide range of outdoor games, and all the activities can be played in the outdoor environment if required

• Many games that develop memory and listening skills

• Multiple maths games, that develop skills in number, shape and calculating

• A wide selection of early phonics and literacy games

• A mixture of old classics tweaked to fit with social distancing, combined with numerous games that have been invented afresh


1.5 hours of video footage

12 videos, split across the curriculum

Clear description of all 101 games, with multiple props and visuals

Cheat sheet of all games

Free copy of ‘101 Games To Play Whilst Socially Distancing’ for all staff enrolled

Discount for bulk purchases

5.0 out of 5 stars 
As the title says ‘Genius’ !

This is a great book written in plain English with no jargon just full of excellent ideas. Each header made me think of some of my cohort – unicorns and lava fill my day! I now have a collection of new ideas suitable for everyone but particularly to hook my reluctant mark makers attention. It’s an easy read so easy to dip in and out of for activity ideas. I also like that we have most of the resources needed, no need for expensive set-ups.

(Review on Amazon)

5.0 out of 5 stars 
Amazing book

Simply a fantastic book. It’s not often you read a book where you instantly want to try all the activities at once. They are all clearly explained and use minimal resources so you don’t have to spend hours and a fortune finding them. I
have already created a resource box filled with things needed that I either had at home or in the classroom already.
This truly is my new bible for the classroom, and nearly all the activities are already incorporated into my plans for next term. My favourite activity has to be the Bath Mat and pipettes ones, so simple yet so brilliantly effective.
Highly recommend buying this and I will certainly be looking out for more by Martin Williams.

(Review on Amazon)

5.0 out of 5 stars 
Full of great ideas

I absolutely loved reading this book. There was a lot of simple ideas using low cost items and items you can use from around the house. I found it to be a really interesting read and liked seeing the photos showing step by step. I will definitely use this on a regular basis for my planning. I think the activities can be adapted to whatever age/stage you are working with. I’m a childminder, and I will be recommending this to my parents, as they are always asking me for inspiration of what they can do at home with their children.This book is a great addition for any practioner of any experience and parents too.

Laura, Little Angels
(Review on Amazon)

5.0 out of 5 stars 
A wonderful guide full of great ideas

As a parent with no qualifications in teaching, I found this book really well written, with enough information to understand what skills are being developed without being too heavy. I love that the materials used are free or very cheap and are easily available. There are quite a few activities in this book that I’ve done before, but with an extra twist added or further extension ideas given. The activities we’ve tried so far have been a great hit with both my 6 year old reluctant writer and my 3 year old keen writer and I can’t wait to try out some more.

(Review on Amazon)

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Unfortunately no. We require payment for access to the course. We can only send invoices out to educational businesses and schools.

I live outside of the UK. Is this course relevant to me?

Yes, these strategies will work anywhere and are not based on national policies or documents.

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