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Early Impact is an award-winning early education training company. We are a team of teaching experts, who have worked as teachers, consultants, course-leaders, authors, and bloggers. We provide high-quality free information through our inspirational blog for all teachers and parents of children aged 0-7. We have also authored best-selling books, and have a range of top-notch online training resources. Come on in and take a look around!

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Our Strategy


Our courses are fast-paced, and highly hands-on. It is an interactive experience, to maximise results. Early years specialists demonstrate ideas that are road-tested.


We provide a systematic framework that gets you from A to B in the shortest possible time. The emphasis is on quick wins, and resources and activities you can set up with the minimum of fuss.


Our courses are an opportunity to start debate, inspire you with imaginative ideas, and set you off on a journey full of motivation and belief.

Recent Posts

  • 10 Wonderful Winter Activities for Preschoolers
    As the weather turns colder, we must work with it so that children don’t miss out on all the proven benefits of being outdoors, particularly in winter when crisp, frosty days can be full of sparkling winter magic. Just imagine…. There’s so much learning out there. Don’t let the weather dictate how the outdoors is …
  • 14 Brilliant Ways to Teach Character, Setting, Problem and Solution
    Are you looking for inspiration to teach your students how to write their best, most brilliant stories? Look no further! I have some great ideas for you to motivate your students and have them engaged in writing stories like they’ve never been before. Where to Start? Character, setting, problem, and solution are the basic story …
  • 40 Plus Open-Ended Questions For Preschoolers
    What is an Open-Ended Question? In a nutshell, an open-ended question is a question that has no right or wrong answer. There are as many different answers to an open-ended question as there are individual children.  What is a Closed-Ended Question? Just the opposite, a closed-ended question is a question that is set up so …

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