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Early Impact is an award-winning early education training company. We are a team of teaching experts, who have worked as teachers, consultants, course-leaders, authors, and bloggers. We provide high-quality free information through our inspirational blog for all teachers and parents of children aged 0-7. We have also authored best-selling books, and have a range of top-notch online training resources. Come on in and take a look around!

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Our Strategy


Our courses are fast-paced, and highly hands-on. It is an interactive experience, to maximise results. Early years specialists demonstrate ideas that are road-tested.


We provide a systematic framework that gets you from A to B in the shortest possible time. The emphasis is on quick wins, and resources and activities you can set up with the minimum of fuss.


Our courses are an opportunity to start debate, inspire you with imaginative ideas, and set you off on a journey full of motivation and belief.

Recent Posts

  • Super Soccer Drills for Toddlers
    Toddlers have newly learned to walk and then run, and they are still refining these skills. Read on for suggestions towards early soccer drills for toddler
  • 20 Gross Motor Activities For Preschoolers
    I’ve worked with preschoolers for years, and so I can speak from experience that it is important to provide young children the opportunity to participate in physical activities that support their gross motor development. When parents and educators encourage preschoolers to engage in such activities that test their balance, coordination, strength, and endurance on a …
  • 9 Relay Race Ideas for Team Building
    These relay race ideas for team building can be adapted to the age and stage of your children, you can make them easier or harder.

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